September 30, 2016

Federal Privateers Rules

fplogoCode of Conduct

  1. Participation is key, but we all have real life things happen that will keep you offline for a while. Just give us a heads up.
  2. Be respectful and courteous of other players within our group.
  3. No unauthorized killing of players within our group.
  4. No over talking in a party, try to respect those that are speaking. When you hear or see “Clear comms” means quit talking.
  5. Don’t jump chain of command.
  6. It’s mandatory that all members, including leadership, check our Inara wing and our website at least once a week, and take the time to update your profile.


Grim Guardian | Unlocked Achievement: Mission Accomplished Rules of Engagement

  1. Request what their intent in our system is – ask for a player group. No response means warning shot; if they still do not respond, then open fire.
  2. If its a new player, try to inform them. If they do not respond, send one more message. If they still don’t respond – scare them off
  3. All unarmed traders will be scanned and asked their intent. Ask if they are running missions and for who – if it’s anyone in system besides the Federal Privateers, destroy them.