September 17, 2016

Our History

Founded: February of 3302

-From the Privateers News Network-

The Beginning:

The Federal Privateers was first thought up by a Commander named Camandcorp (aka Grim Guardian). His vision was to create a Federal aligned player minor faction with the goal of becoming a major faction in the future. As many people know, starting a minor faction means you must first be recognized as a player group before becoming a minor faction. That brings us to finding people that you can trust and build strong relationships with to help build something from the ground up.

So, Commander Grim Guardian set out to find people that would be interested in forming a group. After spending some time out in space and randomly bumping into people he managed to bring together the first members of the Federal Privateers. They were Commanders Gizmofox, TheArturoBird, Cosmic S926 SII and Echo Wake.

Together they spent hours figuring out how to set up the group and what home system we should strive for. This is where Echo gets the idea to start a forum as a place for people to meet and share useful information. Echo had run forums before so he thought it shouldn’t be too difficult to do again. Over about a week he had the forums up and running, not the most amazing thing in the world but helped to start organizing the group.

The Tote System:

After spending some time together, we decided that the Tote system would be our home. And with this came a few challenges we were not expecting. Most of us still new to the game with only about a month worth of playing we were challenged by another group whom had also laid claim to the Tote system.

After numerous altercations, it was decided that only the two leaders of the groups would fight in a dual. We had our suspicions that something would go wrong… and it did. Now I don’t know who fired first but it turned out into a small-scale battle for the control Tote and we had inevitably lost because we were out matched. They had bigger ships with better weapons, armor, and shields, though I we did give them a run for their money.


After leaving Tote we found ourselves as a flotilla moving from system to system. And we had our ups and downs. By now TheArturoBird had already left us and the Gizmofox was seemed to never be present. But we did run into many new members and started to reach our goal of 60 members that was required to become a minor faction.

This is where we met Commander Matt Clem who is an interesting character. He believes himself to be an ancient Egyptian god that can never die. But back to the point at hand, Matt was great at leading the front for Zachary Hudson in the galactic power struggle and we gained a lot merit within the Federal Command. At least once in our history of power play our commanders alone could pull in 60% of the merits we needed to undermine an enemy system, but it was not uncommon to see us pull in over 30% on a regular basis.

We also met Commander Dr YayoMeister. Doc was trader and probably the best one we had the time, and for that matter probably still the best trader in the Privateers. He was good organizing people, though leadership tended to dismiss some of the suggestions he had would eventually and up harming the group.

Then there was Commander Ritmoon (aka Azazul). Azazul was placed into the leadership role of the Civilian Fleet which oversees Trading, Mining, and Exploration. He himself was our most notable explorer. But do to a break down in communications with leadership he resigned his commission and started his own faction called the Explorers Consortium.

Now, there was a significant break down with leadership the Privateers members. And so, Cosmic left us with a few of his friends and they started a second group the Nova Elite.

In this time, Echo was introduced to Commander JamiDj. Jami had better experience in web design and coding then Echo and so he was granted powers to help Echo run and maintain the forums. Echo felt a little unsure about this but he needed the help.


After the group, had been in turmoil for a few months, many of the members left or never bothered to show up at any group functions. So, our numbers that had ranged to about 60 dropped to only about 8 active members.

We should have acted sooner but we in the Privateers did nothing to stop the collapse. It was then decided to try and re structure the group, adjust command and improve communications to our members. However, with little to no active members the changes fell on deaf ears.

Then there came an internal time bomb that no one in leadership saw coming… We had used the forums to post things that would help the new players, such as links to various sites and tips and tricks with ships. We also had fellow commanders snapping pictures of their travels and writing stories of their travels. The forum was a way to organize the group, but on June 7th 3302 Jami had gone in and deleted everything. All the pictures, stories, and help files where permanently deleted. Jami had placed a significant blow to the Privateers. He only effected about 7 other people, but since that day a kill-on-sight order was issued.


After the betrayal of Jami, and lack of interest the Federal Privateers was officially disbanded a month later. Most members that were left and those we could get a hold of went to either the Nova Elite or the Explorers Consortium. It was here that all hope for the Federal Privateers had faded.


Only one week after we disbanded we received a message from Commander Ayatollah, a former member of the Federal Privateers. In this message, he included a picture of a pilot flying under the flag of the Federal Privateers.

With this news, a few members of leadership who were still in contact quickly went to check out this news. Grim had finally gotten what he had been working for, for months, only now the Privateers were officially gone. So, with the help of Echo, we managed to bring back Matt Clem, and Dr Yayo. Together we recreated the Privateers and started to pull back in members like Fautpassenfaire (aka Martin), SparklyC4 (who helped Echo recover lost information on the forums), and many others.

From this point on we had a place to call home. LHS 215.

LHS 215:

It has been several months since we gained a foothold LHS 215 and in that time, we have managed to pull together new commanders as well as bring in former commanders whom had left when the group when it had disbanded.

It’s great to see everyone coming in and finding a place in our fleets. Matt is currently running the Navy and Dr Yayo oversees the Civilian Fleet. Grim has resumed command of the Federal Privateers and Echo was nominated to lead the Academy in which he accepted.

After spending time to regroup and collect our thoughts we began to gain influence in LHS 215 and we are currently finding ourselves on the brink of civil war.

It would seem as though the people there are not happy with their current state of affairs, but we hope the Federal Privateers can bring in some stability.

-CMDR Echo Wake


One year after the Federal Privateers were founded something needed to change the chemistry. Many of the personnel and leaders had become very busy with life and work, So something was set in motion to relax the group. CMDR Dr AwmNawm (YayoMeister) was promoted to the leader of the group, with CMDR Grim Guardian stepping down along with CMDR Matt Clem. as of right now the group is being completely rebuilt from the ground up, with the help and ideas of every single commander flying under the Privateers flag.

-CMDR Dr AwmNawm

February 3303 – A Change of Influence

Influence… an interesting thing. We struggled to gain it and maintain it; though with some dedicated effort from all of the Privateers we managed to enter a war with LHS 140 Values Party. The war was a tough fight but we managed to pull off the victory and as such we gained control of Diesel Orbital.

We celebrated our victory as it took us almost a full year of deciding where to call home, grab a foothold and proceed to work at increasing our influence in the system of LHS 215. For the first time in a long time we managed to see our influence spike to near the same levels as the controlling faction, Values Party of LHS 215.

However our victory was short lived. We began to notice our influence dropping, though we were still doing what we could to keep it up. It was a very tough fight to maintain the steady decline of our influence but we were still going down. So we took a closer look at travelers passing through the system, and noticed an increase of commanders. So our conclusion was that they were inadvertently negatively affecting our influence. As such we proceeded to ask them questions like; what’s your purpose in this system?

We soon found out that it was another group who claimed to be for the Federation, they called themselves the Federal Navy Club (FNC). As the Privateers are fellow members of Federation, we asked them to please visit Ross 775 to continue their efforts for the Federation at least until we gain control of LHS 215. Though, apparently this was deemed as being hostile according to the FNC. The FNC wanted to make LHS 215 their home but the was a huge problem with this… They were late. About 10-12 months too late.

-CMDR Echo Wake

February 3303 – The Massacre of Spring Gateway (Part One)

Just so happens that I was outside of Spring Gateway when I noticed some fellow commanders that I did not recognize. So in typical Privateers fashion I began to question their intentions in the system but I was met with radio silence. As I was preparing to leave I here this over my communications system, Commander there seems to be a larger presence of commanders gathering outside the station. This comes from one of my fellow Privateers and indeed there was an increase of commanders sitting outside of Spring Gateway.

I pushed the issue a little further asking again what their intentions were in the system. By this time the Privateers were outnumbered as we only had about 4 ships at Spring Gateway and the other force was about 10 ships. I was messaged by one the ships… “We are tired of being harassed in this system. We are tired of questioned every time we dock at this station. We just want to be left alone.” I made an attempt to convey our intentions in the system and I was merely checking on what they were doing and possibly to recruit a new member for the Privateers. Little did I know this ship was already part of the FNC.

-CMDR Echo Wake

February 3303 – The Massacre of Spring Gateway (Part Two)

I proceeded to scan the other ships sitting outside Spring Gateway and happened to come across their Wing Commander. I made several attempts to make contact with their Wing Commander, Commander Smarterthanall. Just based on the name alone I had an uneasy feeling about this guy but I was willing to give him a chance even though he was ignoring all my attempts to reach him.

This is when I got a communication from our Lead Wing Commander Dr. AwmNawm. He was in contact with Commander Smarterthanall and made our case clear. We don’t mind their presence in LHS 215 as long as they followed our regulations. Commander Smarterthanall replied simply with, “We have hundreds of ships. We can go anywhere, do anything we want and there’s nothing you can do to stop us.”

With conflict unavoidable I proceeded to engage my thrusters and in the process rammed Commander Smarterthanall’s ship multiple times. I also told our men to hold their fire. For a few short seconds no one fired but then it happened… As Commander Smarterthanall’s ship was reduced to 50% hull his men opened fire on me and my fellow Privateers. This is what I was expecting and as such the station saw this as unwanted hostilities in the no fire zone and within a matter of about 20 seconds all their ships were destroyed but we did allow them escape in their escape pods. We also lost a few due to some overzealous members returning fire in the no fire zone. We promptly picked them up and returned them to the station.

This was the beginning of the war over Spring Gateway and LHS 215.

-CMDR Echo Wake

February 3303 – The Siege of Gamow Gateway

Over the next 24 hours we found ourselves in a heated conflict with the FNC. As conflict continued it became apparently clear that they lacked the experience or the know how to fight us and they quickly found themselves stuck at Gamow Gateway.

But the task of fighting another, supposed to be, friendly Federation group took us away from our standard duties to the Federation. As such we asked for a cease fire multiple times and their leader Commander Smarterthanall finally agreed to a meeting saying that he was only joining the peace talks because we were begging for it due to them supposedly wrecking us in combat.

I’d like to note that this comes after 24 hours of combat fighting with their group with them losing ships every time we sneezed and us taking only minimal loses.

-CMDR Echo Wake

February 3303 – The Un-peaceful Peace Talks (Part One)

We, the leaders of the Federal Privateers, invited Commander Smarterthanall and anyone he wanted to bring to the peace talks. As we initiated the talks we started with; “Okay we want to be as friendly as possible and we are willing to extend the utmost courtesy to you guys; all we ask you guys show the same level of courtesy and respect in return.”

First words out of Commander Smarterthanall’s mouth were, and I quote, “Shut the fuck up, I am not here to make friends. You wanted us here to talk about a cease fire, so let’s do that and move the fuck on.”

Clearly this was not going to be a very nice peace talk…

In the peace talks Commander Smarterthanall basically accused us for starting the war. Saying, “What the fuck did you think was going to happen? What did you think was going happen when your guy in a Corvette rammed my ship to 50% hull?” “Did you think that my guys would just let their President die?” He also claimed that we shot first, to which I quickly reminded him that no… It was me… in an Anaconda… that rammed his ship… Then your guys opened fire and died by Spring Gateway. So in my eye’s they opened fire first. I just merely hit him multiple times outside the station.

At one point during the talks, several other members of the Privateers leadership and myself were trying to explain things and this is Commander Smarterthanall’s response… Screaming across the room I might add, “SHUT THE FUCK UP YOUR, SUPERIORS ARE TALKING!!!” He very rarely gave up the “floor” for discussion except when one of his guys had something to say.

-CMDR Echo Wake

February 3303 – The Un-peaceful Peace Talks (Part Two)

So in a matter of a 20 minute conversation the leadership of the Federal Privateers were insulted and berated by leadership of the FNC. The level of disrespect shown, in my opinion, was second to none. We were literally moments away from having them escorted out of the conference room just minutes after Commander Smarterthanall started talking. Though as we were there to talk peace, we let them spew their hate so we could eventually work past it and come to some form of peace.

Commander Smarterthanall also said that they don’t care about any of the Federal coalitions, or any coalitions anywhere. He can be quoted as saying that he doesn’t have time for all the circle jerks or whatever we do at our stations. He does not care about the Federal United Command (FUC), who leads our efforts for the Federation. He has complete disregard as to what the FUC was trying to accomplish which is to unite the Federal forces.

It would appear that the only people that matter are those in the FNC.

They even went as far as to monitor our chat logs with which they could only derive the names of the people that were currently active at the time of day, and then proceeded to post bounties on those names… Our Communications AI even has a bounty placed on it along with several people that are not even a part of the Federal Privateers.

Clearly there was some error in their judgement as they can’t kill our AI and they managed to post bounties on leaders from other groups whom have no official ties to the Privateers other being in a coalition with us.

-CMDR Echo Wake