How do I get my screenshots from Xbox to the website?

In my post here I displayed some of my screenshots that I have accumulated over my time playing Elite Dangerous. But how do you go from DVR to website? It’s actually pretty simple.   Take your amazing screenshots. Go to your Game DVR in the “Apps” part of your “My games & apps”. Find the media Read more about How do I get my screenshots from Xbox to the website?[…]

Killer Ecliptic’s “Cool views from ED”.

One of my favorite things about Elite is that it turns everyone into a photographer. There are so many amazing things to see in Elite Dangerous, whether you’re a trader, an explorer, a bounty hunter, or anything else; you are bound to come across some amazing views.

Dr YayoMeister has been hard at work to improve the Federal Privateer website, making it more and more a hub for the FP community; and i hope that more people post their amazing screenshots from in-game.