Operation: Make LHS 215 Great Again.

Hello Commanders,

I want to start off with saying thank you for continuing to be part of the Privateers, this is a dream a few of us had a while back and are happy to finally see it come together. First order of business is the influence states in the system, more information can be found here: http://inara.cz/galaxy-starsystem/336.

What the current goal is so no one is confused by being told ten different things to do:

  • Run 10 missions a day for Federal Privateers
  • Run 10 missions a day for Independent LHS 140 Values Party.
  • Cargo transport missions give the most influence, data delivery give the least.
  • After the 10 missions feel free to do whatever you feel.
  • I will be making a public spreadsheet so people can post the missions they do.
  • once we take Diesel Orbital, we will review the sheets and see about giving people promotions within the Federal Privateer player group.

The election has begun between us and LHS 215 Purple Galactic Ind. so we would like to win this election for the sake of owning one station, even if it is not one we can do anything with. Once we win the election, then we are back to trying to get Ind LHS 140 Values Party and us to match as to take Diesel Orbital. Disclaimer: If everyone helps take control of the system, everything will be calmed down and we can start doing more fun things. I will be taking a poll/asking questions to see what people would like to do as a way to build a better relationship between all the Privateers.

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