How do I get my screenshots from Xbox to the website?

In my post here I displayed some of my screenshots that I have accumulated over my time playing Elite Dangerous. But how do you go from DVR to website?

It’s actually pretty simple.


  1. Take your amazing screenshots.
  2. Go to your Game DVR in the “Apps” part of your “My games & apps”.
  3. Find the media you want to go up onto the website, and select it.
  4. Choose the “Share” option and share it to “OneDrive”.
  5. Use any device with OneDrive that you use to access the website (phone or computer), and go ahead and start a new post.
  6.  Select the “Add Media” button and select your files from the OneDrive (Under Screenshots).
  7. Finish the post and you’re done!

*Any issues posting or adding media, please contact Dr AwmNawm either on Discord or on XBL, he will be happy to assist you

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