Killer Ecliptic’s “Cool views from ED”.

One of my favorite things about Elite is that it turns everyone into a photographer. There are so many amazing things to see in Elite Dangerous, whether you’re a trader, an explorer, a bounty hunter, or anything else; you are bound to come across some amazing views.

Dr YayoMeister has been hard at work to improve the Federal Privateer website, making it more and more a hub for the FP community; and i hope that more people post their amazing screenshots from in-game.

11-7-2016_5-25-46_pm 11-7-2016_5-26-14_pm 11-7-2016_5-26-50_pm 11-7-2016_5-27-07_pm 11-7-2016_5-27-30_pm 11-7-2016_5-27-48_pm

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