Operation Landslide

Earlier today MattClem, the egyptian god fighter, reported this on our system. The plan is to win the election against Purple and get Values to win the war with DX799, then get 140 to win their election.
We will need volunteers for this operation, so message Me or Xirath if you are interested in assisting us. If not, please keep doing missions for 140 and federal privateers.
[8:40 AM] MattClem:  if I were to bounty hunt in LHS 215 and turn in Values Party of 215 bounties in the DX 799 system, which system’s influence would be affected?
[8:46 AM] MattClem: Fyi  LHS 215 Values Party and DX 799 Energy Network are pending war in DX 799. So they’re out of the way for our own conflict
[9:00 AM] MattClem: As well Independents of LHS 140 Values Party are freshly into an election in LHS 140.
[12:53 PM] MattClem:  We are pending election with LHS 215 Purple Galactic.

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