BGS Update

[10:18 AM] Memau: Let me look at the system map
[10:19 AM] Grim Guardian: kk
[10:19 AM] Memau: Ok looking at the values it could be a tad tricky you might need to split your guys to do different things
[10:20 AM] Grim Guardian: yeah i am gonna have a few go to DX799 get them out of civil unrest then i am gonna have a few do missions then i am going to get a few people to negate the outbreak
[10:20 AM] Memau: You want to match values with independents that are on 6.4 but above 7% any faction will lock into a conflict
[10:21 AM] Memau: I think you need to do 2 or 3 things
[10:21 AM] Memau: Push up purple galactic, that will reduce the influence of all others with say 3 guys(edited)
[10:22 AM] Grim Guardian: im harrassing ludicolo with pokeballs
[10:22 AM] Memau: Push yourself up with 1-2guys but not as hard as you push purple galactic
[10:22 AM] Memau: Push independents up with 2 guys more than you push yourself but less than you push purple
[10:23 AM] Grim Guardian: why purple galatic?
[10:23 AM] Memau: So those 3 factions should all go up whilst keeping dx 799 under 7% and out of the way
[10:23 AM] Memau: Shove them up out of your way and they will steal influence from all factions to push down dx799
[10:24 AM] Memau: Then you make up the loss from yourself and independents by pushing them
[10:24 AM] Memau: Does that make sense?
[10:24 AM] Grim Guardian: complex but yeah

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