Federal Privateers: Where friendship and combat bonds are forged

Our Foundation

What makes us unique among other Federal factions?


One of the biggest areas we are involved in of course is combat. We have many seasoned pilots and almost as many new ones. It does not matter how good you think you are there is ALWAYS room for improvement, And we can teach you.


If you are a trader by heart then you have a place with us. We have a good number of commanders that love to trade. whether you are new, looking to get into it or a senior trader, we welcome all space truckers. Trading is an important asset we need to expand upon as well.


If there is anything we enjoy more than combat is our explorers. We love hearing stories and seeing pictures from their journeys across the black. Sometimes it is good to live vicariously through them while we let our lasers cool. Most of the awesome screenshots they take are used in what you see here.


The single most important building block of the Privateers is amazing people. Every Commander brings something to the table, from a funny person to serious wing leaders. The Privateers are built for the people by the people.

YOUR Leadership

This is the team that helps lead the group to great things.


Head of Intelligence


Human Resources

Killer Ecliptic

Chief Recruiting Officer
From BGS to PvP I do a little of everything and go where I’m needed. Instead of having one designated role, I make myself as versatile as possible to meet the ever-changing needs of the Privateers. As a member, don’t hesitate to ask me for advice/help with anything and I will always try my best to help.


Head of Security

Dr Omnimon

CEO / Wing Commander
I am the guy in charge of the Privateers. This group has become a passion of mine and I intend to see us grow and see every pilot under my command grow.